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Full Version: Exif -> Image Datestamping
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New camera, new problems.

Old camera gave me the option of datestamping at the camera level.

[Explanation: Early Ford digital odometer has only one LCD segment in the high-order position, so it can display nothing or "1" only ; no "2" is possible.]

Last two (newer) cameras don't offer the option to datestamp.

While there are various ways to third-party process JPEGs to duplicate this feature, the ones I know about are 'doze-based (PhotoShop; vPTS ( and/or involve much too much intervention on my part.

All: what do others do to batch-process a few hundred images (each containing EXIF data) to datestamp? Some script with GBM or ImageMagick?

Peter: Can you offer a quote on the cost to add this feature? Feel free to email me privately (
Al, I believe PMView already has this feature. Select the files you want to transform (in the FOC), right click and select "Time Stamp->Set to time in EXIF information"

QUOTE (Peter @ Nov 20 2006, 09:34 AM) *
This will update the file time to the time stored in the EXIF info. Does this not work for you, or did I misunderstand your question?
See the pictures I provided within my post above? In the lower left of each pic is a date. That date is stamped on the image (the part you see, not embedded within the EXIF info). It was accomplished by the camera. I'd like to duplicate that in software.
No reply to this?
Hi Al,

Peter is looking at this as a possible addition for version 4 of PMView Pro.

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