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Full Version: Unable to Select
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I'm using version 2.30 for Win. When I try to select an area of an image for cropping, by pressing and holding the left mouse button as per the help information, the entire PMView window moves on the screen instead of a rectangle being drawn for the selection. It doesn't matter if the window is smaller than the screen or maximized, the entire window moves. If I hit F3 and go to full-screen mode, the rectangle is still not drawn.

When I try the same thing in the 2.30 OS/2 version, it works as described and draws the rectangle.

What's going on?

During the same Windows session, the left mouse button works as it's supposed to in all other Windows applications I have open, so I know it's not the mouse. I even rebooted and opened only PMView and I am still unable to select. How do I resolve this problem?
You're using the MOVE WINDOW tool. Please select the correct tool; you need the SELECTION tool.

Press the button with the picture of a rectangle on the toolbar to enable the SELECTION tool.

If your toolbar currently is hidden, then first enable it by selecting View->Show->Toolbar. Then enable the selection tool and select View->Show->Toolbar again to hide the toolbar. (Note that the selection is remembered, so you won't need to do this procedure over and over again).

Peter Nielsen ( "If you can dream it, you can do it" JFK.

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