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Full Version: slide show only accepts 3 jpgs
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I just downloaded and installed the program, I really like it...however, I cannot get more than 3 jpg's to go into the slide show window, after 3 of them go in, it kicks out and asks if I want to save the slide show.
I can run the slide show with 3 jpgs.

Any ideas on why this isn't working for me? (is it because it isn't registered?)

I have the trial download version and am using win95.
There is no restriction on the number of files.

How are you creating the slideshow? Simply selecting any number of files (say 30), in the File Open dialog and pressing the "Open" button will create a slideshow out of the selected files.

Also, please note that selecting files in the File Open dialog and pressing the "Open" button always creates a [b:post_uid0]new[/b:post_uid0] slideshow!

In order to [b:post_uid0]add[/b:post_uid0] files to a slideshow, you need to drag them there. (Dragging is done by pressing the right mouse button on a file, keeping it depressed and moving the mouse from the File Open dialog to the Slideshow window and releasing the mouse button over the slide after which you like the new files to be added. If you want the slides to be added last in the show, then release the files over the background, i.e. the white area).

The order of slides in a slideshow can be rearranged simply by dragging the slides within the slideshow window.

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