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Is there a way when I want to convert a LARGE number of JPG files to TIFF, can I tell PMVIEW to put them somewhere else?
I found that right clicking I could convert, but it put them where the JPG files were. That is not a serious problem, just that I will move them somewhere else.
I've been using PMVIEW for years and obviously started with OS2....and now reluctantly using windows.
Carver Smith
Yes, just use "Convert..." instead of "Convert to".

For convenience, you can also create a "Quick Script" for TIFF conversion. To create the script, click "Convert...". Then click the "New..." button. Give the script a name, for instance "Convert to TIFF". Double click on "Set Output Format" to move it to the left pane. Then click on it in the left pane and select TIF as the output format. Check the "Include on Quickscript menu" checkbox and finally click "Ok". Then click cancel.

Now you can simply select "Quick Script->Convert to TIFF" from the popup menu and a dialog asking for the target directory will appear. Neat huh?

I'm working on a home page that will contain a catalogue of some thousand photographs so this subject is of interest.

I have a Rexx script that will recursively generate file lists, populate catalogue pages, and call an image converter to perform the required conversions. My plan was to use PMView as the file processor, but a closer look at the documentation (and some experimentation) seems to indicate that many of the manipulations that can be done via the GUI are not scriptable...

Have I missed something, or will the generated files always have the same name as the originals?

Is there a way to force overwrite of existing files?

Is there a way to use scripts to change any of the image quality settings for JPEG / PNG files?

I am very aware that PMView is primarily a GUI viewer - but it has the functionality I need and does very good conversions, so it would be nice to use it if there is an interface that would allow me to do so.

In a word, are there any undocumented switches that might do the job, or should I look elsewhere for now?
Following up to myself...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but settings made through the GUI seem to remain in effect even when PMView is later called from a script.

I resolved my renaming issue by generating all files to a temporary directory and then using the REXX script to move/rewrite them as I wish.

Appending a ">nul" to the line that calls PMView got rid of the overwrite confirmation. (Again, this may also have been possible via the GUI.)

It would still be nice to be able to call all settings via flags, but this is probably such a rare requirement that I do understand if it can't be...
In the OS/2 version you can simpy use the /INI flag and create different .INI files for each specific setup you need.

This is not yet possible in the Windows version. However, I have good news. The next major of PMView will provide the /INI parameter for Windows too. The INI file will be in editable format (ASCII) and will be cross-compatible between platforms...

Thanks - the idea of using separate INIs didn't occur to me. OS/2 is my main platform, so I'll put it to use immediately.

Does PMView return control to the script before completing all file I/O? Occasionally (every couple hundred files or so) either the script or PMView complains of not being able to access or delete a file. If it may be a timing issue caused by multithreading I will try adding a delay (but even one second x 3600 is an hour, so I'd prefer not to...)
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