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Full Version: (bug? win) lock when trying to save after scanning
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Dear Peter, dear all,

after downloading and installing PMView for Win 2.14, I checked if a certain problem
still persists. It does. The problem is: When I scan an image and try to save it,
PMView locks up (it can be closed using the task manager). As a work-around, I have
been copying the image to the clipboard, closed PMView, opened PMView again, and
inserted the image from the clipboard. Then there was no problem.

I am using PMView 2.14 on W98, I think, first edition (4.10.1998).
The scanner is Epson GT-8500 1.14, with Epson TWAIN32, WinASPI32,
TWAIN & Twunk all, on Adaptec 2940 bios 2.13.

Do you think this is a PMView issue?
Do you need further info?

I must admit that I haven't been watching this list for quite a time. Maybe this is
a known problem, and maybe the solution was posted some time ago (I seem to remember
something about getting new TWAIN libraries).
Please be so kind, then, as to point me to where I can find the update.

Best regards, René
Hi René,

This is a known problem with the IBM OCL libraries that appears when using certain TWAIN drivers. (For instance Mustek drivers show this problem).

I have identified the problem. Unfortunately I don't know when/if I will receive an updated version of the libraries from IBM...

The probem is that after scanning, no new frame window can be created in PMView. (This affects the File Open/Save dialogs and the Properties notebook). Thus, if the File Save window already exists, the problem will not appear.

Here's a workaround: Before scanning, load an image, select "File->Save as", and finally press [Cancel]. This will open (create) the file save dialog and keep it open (albeit hidden). Once you have done this, you can scan and save images without locking up PMView...

Peter Nielsen ( "If you can dream it, you can do it" JFK.

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