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Full Version: PMView Win tries to open MP3 files?
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PMView Win attempts view MP3 files, which seems to hang the system while it tries.

Situation: A couple of GIFs of CD covers in a folder with the MP3s for that CD. Open GIF in PMView by double clicking on the GIF. Page down in PMView to view the next file. When the next file is an MP3 then PMView tries to open it, hanging up the system for a long time.

And it is even worse in a subdir with an audio book: I have one where there are two 60 KB GIFs and twenty-four 20 MB MP3s. I thought the system had died.

The MP3 extension is not in PMView's list. And I can find no setting to prevent this behavior.

Is there a way to prevent this?

PMView 2.14 (registered)
(also failed on earlier versions)
Windows NT WS 4.0 SP6a
Pentium III 450, 256 MB ram

It does not hang the system, but if you're running Windows with a bad driver/slow file system it may seem like that. Wait, and it will free up the system in a while.

The reason for this behavior is that PMView supports too many file formats Some of the file formats that are supported by PMView just can't be detected in a reliable way. A too strict checking of file type X would certainly help avoiding mistaking MP3 files for files of type X, but would cause PMView not to accept fully valid files of type X.

As you say, the problem is that the File Sequencer (PgUp/PgDn) always uses *.* as file mask (in order not to miss any files). A future version will let you use the same file mask as in the File Open directory.

Peter Nielsen ( "If you can dream it, you can do it" JFK.

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