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Full Version: Unable to delete...
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Larry Bristol
I frequently scan through a directory containing a large number of recent downloads, deleting most/all of the images in the process. The program is configured to display the next file after the delete action. I tend to move through the files swiftly, hitting the delete key about once a second or so.

I have an intermittent problem with this process. Occassionally, a message box will pop up indicating an error has occurred and that the file could not be deleted. After dismissing the message box, the file can be deleted normally, and I can proceed.

I am sure it is a timing thing. I assume it is a sharing error of some kind; maybe the delete is done in one thread which gets control before the display thread closes the file? It only seem to occur if I am moving along swiftly, pressing the "Del" key before the image has been completely displayed. That does not seem to be the entire story, however, and I cannot reproduce it at will.

My only complaint is that responding to this message box breaks my rhythm and slows me down a bit. I thought you might be interested in this oddity.

BTW: This happens in W95, but never when I do the same thing under OS/2. :-)

Either some other program or PMView itself is trying to read (or write) the file while you're trying to delete it.

In the case of PMView, it may just be PMView that tries to read the thumbnail at this point. Since PMView is reading the file that you're trying to delete, the deletion will fail.

You could try to disable the thumbnails and see if this helps...

Peter Nielsen ( "If you can dream it, you can do it" JFK.

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Larry Bristol
I am relatively sure that there is no other process accessing the file. It is bound to be another thread within PMView.

I had not considered thumbnail creation, and that would relate to the fact that it never occurs under OS/2 since I seldom do that. OTOH, it does not seem to matter whether or not thumbnails are being build concurrently, or if I wait until all of them have already been built.

I was not even aware that I could turn thumbnail creation off! I may do that even if it has nothing to do with this.
Larry Bristol
Thumbnail processing does not seem to be a complete explanation. Even with thumbnail deactivated (or processing completed), I will still get the sharing violation on occasion. It happens more frequently when thumbnails are being built, however.
It sure sounds like you're trying to delete the files while PMView is still processing them in the background. Try the "View->Quick" mode. In this mode no additional file info scanning is done and I guess the "problem" should disappear.

Peter Nielsen ( "If you can dream it, you can do it" JFK.
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