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Full Version: Bug with File Open dialog
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I am using the OS/2 version of PMView Pro 3.0.
I think I found a bug concerning the "file open" dialog.
When I minimize PMView with the "file open" dialog being open, both PMView and the file open dialog appear in the tasklist. This behaviour is correct.
When I put the "file open" dialog in the foreground and press "cancel" it closes, but it's still available in the task list and I can put it in the foreground again.
I have to use the "X" in the corner upper right to close the "file open" dialog correctly. If I do this, the entry in the tasklist for "file open" is gone.
I think that this should also happen, when I use the "Cancel" button, shouldn't it?

Bye says Oliver
The File Open window should appear in the task list. It is designed this way for easy access. (This lets you jump straight to the File Open without having to go via the main window).

Pressing the "Cancel" button hides the dialog by design. It is not desired to close it, because then all thumbnails need to be reloaded the next time you open it (you can always use the X button if you really want to close it). Again, this is by design.

Changing these options is not anything to take lightly. PMView has worked this way since 1994, and many users have come to expect this behavior. (I remember trying to take out the task list entry for the File Open window at some point, but I immediately had to put it back because of all people that needed it).


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It is designed this way for easy access.

Thanx for making this clear to me. Now I see, it's a feature not a bug. smile.gif

Bye says Oliver
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