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Full Version: "Cannot create thumbnail" - Tame/2 / SANE create a TIFF, but no TN
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Al Savage
I am doing some testing of the upcoming Tame/2 GA release, and I found that it can create a TIFF file that my old (beta) version of PMV says can't create thumbnail.

The subject file is 64MB, so I can't just post it for review, and I have a 26.4k connection to the world sad.gif

Is there a method to determine, on my end, why PMV cannot create a thumbnail.

Naturally, PMV opens and displays the file OK.

Al S.
Please first download v3.03 and see if it still does the same thing.

It sounds like there is a problem with writing the EAs (=not a PMView problem but something in the file system)


Edited By Peter on 1071432218
Updating from 3.00 beta to 3.03 (and a forced reboot, because the box locked after installing PMV and clicking on its icon) worked, and 3.03's FOC created a TNI fine.

Whether the problem was in PMVPro or the filesystem just needing a reboot, I don't know.

3.03 also printed it, which the 3.00 beta wouldn't (it would load it OK, but nothing happened -- or very little happened -- after the PMV print dialog), although it did take about 40 minutes (!) to finally hit the printer. On a 1Ghz/1GB box.

Thanks, Peter!

Al S.
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