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PMView Pro Forums _ PMView - OS/2 Technical Support _ Crashing Destroys File Being Converted

Posted by: Mark_Henigan Jan 9 2012, 02:53 AM

If PMView crashes when a file is being batch converted and being replaced by the converted image, e.g., by a 'Quick Script' for cropping, it is destroyed. This has happened most often when insufficient space was available on the target disk as well as for other reasons involving either PMView or another application that freezes the desktop. The original file is irretrievable because, I believe, of PMView's otherwise excellent memory and INI file management that leaves no wasted space on the disk and no useless entries in INI files.

I realize that I could always convert in a manner that does not overwrite the original. But, a prohibitive amount of effort would be required to delete the original files. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your thoughts.

- Mark

Posted by: Peter Jan 10 2012, 03:13 PM

PMView writes the data to a temporary file. Once that is successful, the old file is deleted and the temporary file is moved (renamed if on the same drive, otherwise copied & deleted) to the name of the original file.

If a crash happens in between the deletion and copying, then you will end up with a corrupt file. One way to minimize this from happening is to put your TMP and TEMP to point to the same drive where you work (in this case the temporary file can simply be moved instead of copy+delete).

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