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PMView Pro Forums _ PMView - OS/2 Technical Support _ Scroll Bars Do Not Work In V3.53

Posted by: jimoe May 11 2009, 02:43 PM

I upgraded from v3.51 to v3.53. The scroll bars do nothing in the newer version. The "thumbs" move, the window does not scroll.

In the tree view of directories, some of the tree lines do not appear. And sometimes the +/- expansion button does not appear although clicking in that area does cause the button to show up. The tree does expand/collapse as expected.

I have reverted to v3.51.

Posted by: Peter May 15 2009, 09:29 AM

You have the original defective build (#24391). It was replaced within 48 hours of release with build #24392 (5/3/2009).

Please download OS/2 build #24392. This will fix the problem.

To check your build#, select Help->System Info from the main menu.


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