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PMView Pro Forums _ PMView - Windows Technical Support _ Graphic Cursor Problem In 3.54

Posted by: epizz1 Dec 26 2009, 01:45 PM

After loading multiple images via a wildcard to crop them in 3.54, the graphic cursors are lost after the first image -- at least on Windows XP.

The scenario: Load multiple images using a command line wildcard. For the first image the crosshair cursor displays and after selecting an area, the cursor changes to double-pointed arrows at the handles. After saving the modified image, use PgDn to move to the next. The standard Windows arrow cursor is displayed and never changes.

Cropping continues to work, but on some images it's difficult to see the handles so the double-pointed arrows become very important.

It worked correctly in 3.51 before I upgraded.

Posted by: Peter Jan 5 2010, 10:53 AM

I haven't been able to duplcate this problem, but I do see a problem with the first 3 cursors of the "clock cursor" being incorrect.

Seems like fixing the IBM Open Class problem in v3.53 broke something else. It will be fixed in v3.55.

Posted by: Peter Jan 10 2010, 03:17 PM

Turns out this is a Windows bug or behavioral change in Windows that breaks things.

I just reinstalled older versions PMView, all the way back to v3.12 (from 2005!) and they all have the same problem.

It used to work fine. Something has broken in Windows, probably with recent fixpacks.

I will see what can be done to fix the problem...


Posted by: Peter Jan 18 2010, 08:30 PM

Rearranging the order of the icons and cursors in the resource file seems to take care of the problem!

Apparently recent XP and Vista fixpacks, and Windows 7 now require that icons are arranged by ID low to high in the resource file. The icons were arranged "OS/2 style" in the Windows version. Doing a stict ID-value rearrange solved the problem. Very strange. Definitely a Windows oddity. The order should not matter (if it does, the resource compiler should fix it!)

Anyway, the fix will be provided in release v3.55. I'm currently working on a brand new installer and it is progressing nicely. You can expect the new version in about 2~4 weeks.


Posted by: Peter Feb 14 2010, 04:30 PM

I found the underlying source of the problem. It turns out to be a conflict between IBM Open Class icons and PMView icons that is related to how resources are linked. Apparently this problem surfaced with the switch from the IBM compiler to Microsoft C++ in PMView v3.10.

The fix in v3.55 should take care of any icon/cursor oddities!

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