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Posted by: Heiko Jun 3 2003, 01:40 PM

Hi Peter,

many thanks for continuing the development of PMView for OS/2.
I've downloaded the new release and was surprised that the most important feature (for me) I missed so far is now implemented in almost exactly the way I was hoping for.
I'm talking about the EXIF support for JPGs from digital cameras.

Many programs only keep the EXIF data without adapting them to the changes you did to the image. I've seen that PMView will adapt the values (checked out the size and the orientation so far) according to my changes. GREAT !!!

But I also figured out that the preview image that is part of the EXIF data is gone when saving. Is there a way the recreate the preview out of the image data like for the thumbnails ?
If not, this would be a great enhancement. (So far I'm only aware of one tool that is able to do that, Exifer. But that's a Windows program and I'm working on OS/2 sad.gif )


Posted by: Peter Jun 3 2003, 03:29 PM

I will add this on the wishlist for v3.1! This should be really easy to add. It's a shame that I did not think of adding an option for this already in the current version :cool:


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Posted by: magog Jun 4 2003, 09:25 AM

Hi Peter!

One more note on EXIF and other MetaData:

1.) It would be nice if the user can modify the EXIF Data by himself.
Adding Keywords, Picture Description, GPS Data (I'm currently working on a Web Photoalbum to search for coordinates, make and model of camera,...), Name of the Person who edited the file,...

EXIF Software and Date/Time are not updated when using "Save as..." (look at the example below).

[Exif] Image Description - Communications
[Exif] Software - Adobe Photoshop 7.0
[Exif] Date/Time - 2002:07:19 13:28:10
[GPS] GPS Version ID - 2 2 2 2
[GPS] GPS Latitude Ref - N
[GPS] GPS Latitude - 48"51'28.200073
[GPS] GPS Longitude Ref - E
[GPS] GPS Longitude - 2"17'49.19998
[GPS] GPS Time-Stamp - 12:59:4 UTC
[GPS] GPS Map Datum - WGS84

2.) Maybe you can also add JPTC support.

[Iptc] Directory Version - 2
[Iptc] Caption/Abstract - Communications
[Iptc] Writer/Editor - Ian Britton
[Iptc] Headline - Communications
[Iptc] By-line - Ian Britton
[Iptc] By-line Title - Photographer
[Iptc] Credit - Ian Britton
[Iptc] Source -
[Iptc] Object Name - Communications
[Iptc] Date Created - Thu Jun 20 00:00:00 CEST 2002
[Iptc] City -
[Iptc] Province/State -
[Iptc] Country/Primary Location - United Kingdom
[Iptc] Category - BUS
[Iptc] Supplemental Category(s) - Communications
[Iptc] Urgency - 53
[Iptc] Keywords - Communications
[Iptc] Copyright Notice - ian Britton -

Maybe the Java Code will help you to get it supported.

First link currently down, but should be up again.

Juergen Ulbts (Germany)

(Remove the uppercase word from the address!)

PS: I think you are still involved in the PMMail development, so also note the following stuff...

I hope there will be an updated version of PMMail/2 soon. smile.gif
There are severals things missing now (look at the forum " Updates for os/2 version?", where I magog posted them some time ago - e.g. Spamfilter, ISO 8859-15? [normal Latin 1 with added Euro Sign - currently not recognized --> annoying], updated HTML display, ASMTP,...).

Posted by: Peter Jun 4 2003, 03:39 PM

1.) Modifying the EXIF data would sure be nice. However, this requires much planning (deciding on what to allow for update and to what extent. You don't want to let the user mess up the data by accident).
2.)Updating the time stamp and application should probably be optional. (That's why I decided not to do it in this version). The GPS data should NOT be updated, should it? AFAIK, the GPS data indicates when and where the photograph was taken. Updating with PMView doesn't change those facts.
3.)I can easily add Iptc support. I just need to get the specification for that. (I usually implement from the specification, not from existing source code).


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Posted by: magog Jun 5 2003, 08:52 AM

Hello Peter!

1.) Modifying EXIF data
Yes, not all should be allowed to change but keywords, description, author and copyright (don't know if it's available in EXIF...must look in the docs) should be ok.

If GPS is already stored it should not be changed, unless the user wants to change it.
The other thing is, you may want to ADD this information, because your camera doesn't support it (only very expensive professional cameras have a GPS module), but you have the data (e.g. PDA with GPS module,...).

I know it's some work to implement this stuff, because you allways have to check the user input and some parts of EXIF are grouped together (e.g. Software and Date/Time)

2.) updating EXIF information
If I change the picture with PMView (also saving it under a new name) should always update the timestamp and application tag. But you can of course add a checkbox in the options.

3.) IPTC (
Iptc has the copyright info. Here everything should be able to change and add.
But this format is complex (, so a subset should be ok. wink.gif

Maybe you also want to take a look at this program (Win only):

Juergen Ulbts (Germany)

Posted by: skiwi May 6 2010, 05:17 AM

Being able to modify the EXIF datetime the photo was taken for a number of photos at once would be fantastic.
So often I find a camera with the year 2000, or the time one hour out, or just 5 minutes out.
Being able to correct them would be extremely useful.

Posted by: skiwi Mar 15 2014, 10:19 PM

QUOTE (skiwi @ May 6 2010, 11:17 PM) *
Being able to modify the EXIF datetime the photo was taken for a number of photos at once would be fantastic.
So often I find a camera with the year 2000, or the time one hour out, or just 5 minutes out.
Being able to correct them would be extremely useful.

Until this feature is available I've had to use FastStone Image viewer.

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